ISKCON Worldwide

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was founded and registered in July 1966 by the Bengal monk-preacher A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

This society is a Vaishnava religious organization, which is based on ancient Vedic scriptures and the Vaishnavism tradition, whose roots go back more than 5000 years.

ISKCON in Israel

The Krishna Consciousness movement came to Israel in the 1990s. Currently, the Israeli Yatra devotees successfully run an extensive preaching program, which includes sankirtan — Srila Prabhupada’s books distribution; organizing harinams and kirtans; helping the elderly, children and cancer patients; distributing free sacred food (prasad); and running weekly programs in the temple.

Program Schedule

In Israel, bhakti centers are open in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Bat Yam, Petah Tikva, Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Ashkelon, Arad, Eilat and other cities.

Admission to all programs, including holidays, festivals is free. Donations are welcome.

Sunday - Thursday

Nama-hattas, bhakti-vrikshas and other gatherings for spiritual communion are held all over the country. You can find out the schedule of events in your city by writing to Waiting for you!


15:30 — 17:30 Harinam on the Tel Aviv, near the central bus station (108 Levinsky street).

18:00 — 21:00 Kirtan in Tel Aviv (29 Yitzhak Sade street).


11:00 — 13:00 Harinam on the Tel Aviv waterfront, opposite the Beit Opera.

13:30 — 16:30 Program in Haifa (3 Maklef street, second floor).

17:30 — 19:00 Harinam in Haifa on Ben Gurion Street (Moshava Germanit).


Who are you?

We are people, who are trying to practice principles given in the ancient Vedic scriptures, in order to become more harmonious, happy people. Our path is the ancient yoga system, described in the Vedic scriptures such as the Bhagavad-gita (which you can buy in our temple).

What is Hare Krishna?

Hare Krishna is a combination of words from the Maha-mantra, and the Maha-mantra is a combination of sounds that purify the heart. By meditating on these sounds, one can purify oneself and understand one’s true nature.

Are you Jews? Why do you wear such clothes (sari, dhoti)?

Some of us are Jews, some are not. We believe that this question concerns the body, not the soul. We wear such clothes, according to our tradition. These clothes are neat, very comfortable and chaste.

Do you worship idols?

It depends on what you mean by idol worship. We believe that God has no limits, and if He wants — he can come in any form. If someone thinks that he can make a sculpture and worship it to get something in return, it is idol worship. However, if you follow the instructions of the scriptures and create a form that helps to meditate on God, then this is not idol worship, this is the worship of God as He himself recommends. The Lord comes to this world again and again, according to time, place, and circumstances, and gives specific instructions on how to worship Him.

If a person joins you, does he stop being a Jew?

We don’t have a membership card, so it’s hard to say what it means to join us. According to our philosophy, any religion is temporary, and the soul cannot be Jewish, Christian or any other. Therefore, this body can be Jewish or of any other religion, it does not interfere with the process of yoga that we practice.

What do you think about other religions?

We respect other religions. In this world, anyone who tries to get closer to God is a special soul.

Why did you decide that Krishna is God?

This is the conclusion of the Vedic scriptures. “Krishna” means all-attractive, and only God can have this quality.

Do you have other questions?

Please feel free to ask any questions and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Vishnavananda das

All kind of questions

+972 54-493-8012


All spiritual and temple activities in ISKCON Israel are funded by donations and sponsorships received from our well wishers.

We have several donation and sponsorship programs that allow you to sponsor a wide range of services. Any donation is welcome.